Celeste is a Licensed Acupuncturist / TCM Practitioner. In her treatments she incorporates traditional and modern acupuncture techniques in combination with medical qi gong, herbalism, and lifestyle management. She facilitates patients in realizing their health, wellness, and fitness goals by attuning them to their optimal flow of mind, body, and spirit.

After growing up immersed in athletics and the arts, she began pursuing her healing arts career as an LMP in 2010. From there she deepened and focused her practice through Traditional Chinese Medicine. She studied and developed as a Medical Qi Gong Practitioner and became certified as a Daoist Sword Instructor by 2014. She went on to graduate from Oshio College of Acupuncture and Herbology with her Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2017. Since then she has received certified training in Dry Needling. She incorporates this and other innovative techniques into her traditional foundation as a practitioner.


  • Physical Performance / Sports Medicine
  • Hormone and Stress management
  • Immune System boosting
  • Fertility Support
  • Cosmetic Rejuvenation
  • Energy and Longevity
Celeste Houvener, LAc, TCM